Estimating Credit Transfer with Transferology

An official decision on the number of credits that transfer and will apply to your program or degree are generated through a formal Credit Transfer Request. However, if you want to estimate the number of credits that will transfer, you can use Transferology ™.

Transferology is an online tool that lets you:

  • View program requirements.
  • Find course equivalencies.
  • See how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to a degree from a specific college or university.

Create an account to import credits from Minnesota State colleges and universities. Calculate an estimated number of credits that will transfer and how those credits apply to the program or degree you want.

If you would like to explore other transfer opportunities or initiate a referral to a Career Counselor, Transfer Specialist or other resource, please contact the 360 eTECH Support Center Online Support Center at 1-800-500-8938 or to connect with an Success Coach.