Getting Started

1. See if online learning is right for you

To complete a 360 eTECH program or course, you will need a computer and Internet connection. Please be sure your computer system meets minimum technical and browser requirements. Individual courses may have additional hardware or software requirements. Refer to the course description or syllabus to determine these additional requirements.

In addition, students are required to have basic Internet and computer skills. Take the self-assessment to discover the skills needed to be a successful online student. 

2. Apply for admission

Apply to a 360 eTECH college. 360 eTECH courses are offered by ten partner colleges through Minnesota State. Choose a college and complete the electronic application (eApplication) to enroll. A $20 application fee may be required. The eApplication provides instruction on how to pay the fee. The college you choose will be your Home College for the duration of your 360 eTECH program.

3. Submit official transcripts

Follow your home college’s requirements regarding transcripts for high school and/or previously attended colleges, including GED and military training.

4. Explore options to pay for college

Learn more about your financial options when paying for college. If you are a resident of North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin, you will need to complete a reciprocity form.

5. Schedule an assessment

You will be notified if the course placement assessment or ACT is needed. Follow the Home College’s instructions for scheduling the assessment. 

6. Attend orientation and register for 360 eTECH courses

 Follow your Home College’s instruction on attending orientation and registering for courses.

7. Try a sample course

It is highly recommended that you learn to navigate online course rooms prior to beginning coursework.